An apprenticeship at Fresenius Kabi Austria means extensive top training with many years of experience in the international pharmaceutical sector. The professional and personal development of the individual specialists in our teams advance our overall development.


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We are currently training apprentices in seven different professions at our Graz and Linz locations.

In addition to the classic training, our apprentices receive a high-quality training program that goes beyond the legal professional profile. From their first day on, they are an important pillar in the company, are individually looked after by their trainers and supported in a very friendly environment. Across departments, they are involved in all processes from the start and can therefore also be employed in different areas of the company after completing their apprenticeship.

In numerous seminars and further training opportunities, our apprentices are taught important social skills and key qualifications. The apprentices expand their specialist knowledge in the areas of chemistry, pharmaceutical production and process development. We attach great importance to the promotion of soft skills such as the further development of communication skills, team spirit, critical ability and personal growth.

Ruth Staubmann

We consider it our social obligation to grant young people access to high-quality apprenticeship training as well as professional and personal training, so that they can become highly qualified employees.

RUTH STAUBMANN | Plant Manager in Graz

Ms. Staubmann was promoted from an entry-level position to head of department after just 9 months. She shaped up quickly, not least because of her tireless efforts. In 2006 she took over the management of production at the Graz plant. The board of directors sent her to the USA to work on a project for an initial four months, where she stayed for a total of three years. During this time, Ms. Staubmann was able to further deepen her management and specialist skills. Ms. Staubmann has been Plant Manager at the Graz location since 2016.