We are there for each other

Our teams are characterized by honesty and a familiar atmosphere. We offer the opportunity to develop and evolve, both professionally and personally, to everyone. We proudly entered that into our corporate philosophy.

We want to introduce our employees, tell their success stories and let them have their say – because nothing conveys the motivation and enthusiasm for our work better than our most valuable asset: the people in our teams.

Fresenius Kabi Austria has given me a lot of support in my personal development to get the HTL degree. That would not have been possible during normal shift work.

MARKUS TRUMMER | Head of Technology Maintenance Werndorf

Mr. Trummer started as an electrician in 4-shift operation and soon afterwards Fresenius Kabi Austria gave him the opportunity to complete the HTL part-time. After graduating from HTL, Mr. Trummer developed into a department head thanks to his commitment. His willingness to help promotes solidarity and the friendly working atmosphere in his department. Through his leadership skills, he brings out the best in his team.
Markus Trummer
Jennifer Mitteregger

We don’t have problems, we have challenges – that binds us together. The company is really keen to offer the best for everyone. I really appreciate the possibility of flexible working hours.

JENNIFER MITTEREGGER | Chemical Laboratory Technician & Apprentice Trainer

Ms. Mitteregger came to Fresenius Kabi Austria as an apprentice and quickly felt at home. Just two years after successfully completing her apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory technician, she decided to take on more responsibility. Due to her positive experiences during her apprenticeship, she agreed to become a trainer for the next generation of apprentices. Her interest in new perspectives and her joy with challenging tasks make working with her very special. Everyone accommodates each other, every generation has useful strengths, and you can tell that this works very well at Fresenius Kabi Austria.

I was welcomed very warmly from the start, and I also noticed that there is a high level of shared team spirit, not just in my department, but in the entire market unit.

DANIEL TOLLER | Product Manager

Mr. Toller's highlight at Fresenius Kabi Austria is his personal development process. In 2019, he joined the company immediately after graduating from university and made major development steps right away. In close contact with customers, he was able to get to know the reality of working life, experience the creative freedom in his team and try out a lot. The ability to reflect on and question processes requires time and resources, which we at Fresenius Kabi Austria provide. This is how you grow with the company, both professionally and personally.

Daniel Toller

The mentality and the teamwork that goes beyond the individual business areas is special. So many different characters come together. All in all, it’s a great picture that is created.

HILDEGARD GÖDL | Product Specialist, Enteral Nutrition Technology

Product Specialist, Enteral Nutrition Technology

The fact that this job is so diverse is certainly also due to the industry. Products and projects are constantly being renewed and there is always something new that needs to be dealt with.

BEATE WINKLER| Team Leader Technical Projects

Ms. Winkler's goal was to find a job in which you don't follow the same routine for 40 years. That’s why the pharmaceutical industry is the perfect match for her. She has been with us since 2005, has asserted herself as a strong woman in technology and developed from a project manager to a team leader. We are pleased that she feels so committed and comfortable with us.

Beate Winkler

Progress, success and quality through teamwork.

THOMAS ADLER | Teamlead Chemical Physical Analytics

After working in our laboratory for 4 years, Mr. Adler was offered the opportunity to take on a responsible management position in the Innovation & Development Department. Linked to this is the management of a team that is characterized by high technical and social skills. We all benefit from the professional exchange at eye level between young and experienced employees: inside, there is no noticeable hierarchy and everyone can talk to everyone about anything. This exchange is also extremely important for our mutual progress and success.

I really appreciate the fact that you can move up from being a worker to being a team leader, even if you are not in the pharmaceutical industry. Career changers also have the chance to develop with us.


Mr. Strohmaier is a very committed employee who, thanks to his ambition as a lateral entrant, has made it from shift worker in packaging to team leader. Due to his interest in our targeted further training offers, we are pleased that we at Fresenius Kabi Austria were allowed and able to support him on his career path.

Christoph Strohmaier